Ss Brite Tank


The Ss Brewtech Brite Tank - loaded with features for clarifying and carbonating your beer. Put this in a fridge or cooler and clear beer is waiting for you on the other side.

Some of the reasons brewers like to use brite tanks include:
- cuts carbonation time down significantly (compared to corny kegs)
- allows for proper burst carb'ing and head pressure monitoring
- allows for bulk conditioning/aging
- can be used as a Firkin
- can serve from a counter top (with a chiller)
- ability to transfer beer from your fermenter from the bottom up (reduces oxidation risk)

Summary of features:
- 38 litre Capacity (10 Gallons)
- 304 Stainless Steel construction
- 15 psi Operating Pressure
- Pro brewing dished bottom design
- Custom Ss short handled butterfly valve
- Large bottom surface area for yeast to settle
- Large center drain instead of a dip tube (yeast doesn't get drawn into serving line)
- Sampling valve
- Carbonation stone
- Thermowell
- Sight tube
- Exterior etched vol markings (not shown)
- LCD temperature display
- 6" Tri-Clamp lid / clamp
- Pressure gauge and 90 degree elbow
- Pressure relief valve (PRV)
- Easy to clean (TC CIP)
- Adjustable feet
- Dimensions: 63.5H x 38.1W x 45.7 DEPTH (incl. butterfly valve/front)

Note: does not include immersion chiller coil/neoprene jacket kit or temperature control kit.

The manufacturer recommends using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) (sold separately) for initial cleaning to remove oils, grease and any manufacturing residue.

From: Ss Brewing Technologies, USA

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