Brewing Resources

New to home brewing?

Brewing your own beer is about the most rewarding weekend project you’ll find. Don’t just bring a slab to a barbecue, bring a few bottles of your own home brew beer and you’ll be everyone’s best mate.

We won’t lie to you though – like anything, making home brew beer is a skill and you won’t learn it overnight. So lucky for you, we’ve already done some of the hard work and put together some resources for getting started on making your first batch of craft beer. You can find them all on the left, but for the moment you might as well begin with Starting Home Brewing. This is your first port of call for a basic run-down of the process and the equipment you’ll want.

Beer brewing has its own language, so when you have no idea what we’re on about you can check out our Brewing Glossary.

And when you start getting some results and want to expand your home brew knowledge, you can learn all about how to Love Your Yeast, and the an insight into Brew in a Bag (BIAB) or Extract Brewing.

Keep checking back here, because we do add to this section – when we’re not busy with our latest batch of home brew beer. You’ll find more and more resources on brewing the best beer you’ve ever tasted, in the comfort of your very own garage.