Burner - High Pressure LPG Gas


High Pressure LPG Gas Burner with stand and regulator.

These high pressure burners kick out a huge amount of heat and are suitable for beer batch sizes up to and beyond 150 litres. The burner, stand and high pressure regulators are sold as a complete set. The burner shroud and burner jets are designed to get maximum burn efficiency so you use less gas to get more heat into your boil kettle.

The power of these burners will ensure you are not waiting all day for your brew kettle to get up to temp. Using the high pressure regulator and needle valve combination you will be able to set the flame right down to a small simmer or right up to a roaring inferno giving you great range of control. Gas consumption between 0.5 – 4.5kg per hour LPG depending on the burn rate.

You can see this burner in action by watching this video.

These burners are a GasMark approved appliance (approval number GMK10232).

1. Sturdy welded steel frame (hold up to 200kg).
2. Powerful and Efficient. Only consumes 95MJ/h and heats more efficiently than 220MJ/H Mongolian burners.
3. High pressure regulator included (150 kpa).

From: Keg King, Australia

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