Heating Element - 2200w Weldless


These 304 Stainless 2200w weldless elements are designed to fit a 32mm hole inside the wall of your brewing vessel or boiler. It comes bundled with the power cord.

We do recommend using a MKII - Temperature Controller to run this element with the appropriate thermowell or temperature probe attachment.

These electric brewing elements are highly recommended for your HLT, or even for a HERMS or RIMS setup. Powerful enough to use on 50-100L boilers and vessels. Multiple elements may be required for larger volumes and depending on what temperature you are trying to achieve.

If you are going to be using these elements directly in your mash tun, and will try to maintain temperature using the element, we would recommend getting a power control chip 3600w to modify the power output to the element. Too much power directly in contact with your malted grain can cause scorching/off flavours as the temperature may not be evenly distributed in the mash.

Element Length: approx. 300mm
Diameter: approx. 25mm
Thread: approx. 32mm

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