Malt Mechanics Conical Fermenter - 30 and 60 Litre

The Malt Mechanics Conical Fermenter - a New Zealand made, affordable, conical fermenter. This is a high quality, professional conical fermenter, made from food grade HDPE plastic and stainless steel components. Available in both 30 litre (1/4 barrel) and 60 litre (1/2 barrel) sizes.

They come standard with tri-clamp sanitary fittings offering a premium experience and unparalleled levels of hygiene at an affordable price. The fermenters are designed to withstand 1-2psi of pressure for transferring beer to kegs and are easily adapted to the task.

The fermenters come with a 1/2" BSP valve for sampling, and a generous 1" BSP valve for yeast harvesting - with ample ground clearance. A Thermowell comes as standard, as do all parts required to get you brewing right out of the box.

Feature summary:
- 1" BSP dump valve for yeast harvesting
- 1/2" BSP takeoff valve for sampling and transfer
- Sanitary fittings - tri-clamp industry standard with seals
- Stainless legs
- HDPE body from rotational moulded foodgrade plastic
- Stainless lid and adjustable latches, low pressure rated for keg transfers
- Airlock and bung OR blow-off included

Note: units may not be pure white and could have some slight yellow patches on the exterior of the plastic. This does not in any way affect the use of the product.

Made in: New Zealand
From: Malt Mechanics

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