Legbreaker American IPA Fresh Wort Kit


Legbreaker takes to the field as a determined all-rounder, striking a well-practiced balance between sweet, malt biscuit flavour and the bitter hoppy wallops of generous doses of American Columbus, Centennial and Citra. Stand by for lashings of grapefruit, floral, and resinous characters.

Beer Style: American IPA

Suggested dry hops (not included): Citra 50g and Centennial 50g


- Start with clean and sanitised fermentation vessel
- Decant FWK cube into fermenter and aerate wort
- Add 5 litres of sanitary water at room temperature to bring volume to 20L if desired
- Pitch yeast as per manufacturer's instructions
- Add any dry hops near or at the end of fermentation. Dry hop for no more than 3 days.
- Once fermentation is complete crash chill if desired then bottle/keg, carbonate and condition

From: All In Brewing Co.

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